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There are a million pitfalls when you run a technology company. Technology changes every day, it’s hard to combine tech with business, fine-tune proper engineering processes, ensure stable release cycle, get good people and make them work with passion - that’s only a small part of challenges. We know them all and are ready to offer you technology leadership you can trust.

For now, Centaurea could provide you a unique opportunity to get our CEO committing as an interim CTO to your company.

Ivan Karpey
  • 12+ years of software development experience
  • Full path from junior engineer to principal software architect, CTO
  • Centaurea's CEO since 2014
  • 6+ startup developed and launched to date
  • Working in CTO role for 4+ startups to date
  • Several startup has multimillion $ exits
  • Leadership experience with multicultural, multinational, distributed teams
  • Directly manage up to 26 persons
  • Ms degree in Math and CS
  • Unique possibilities to connect business and technology worlds
  • Strong working ethic and dedication to result
  • Hunger for a challenge
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Many years in a raw one of the top professional on Upwork


Some of our amazing clients we are proud of:

Ivan was a pleasure to work with. I had a dream that was Keymarket.co.nz, and his skills allowed me to bring it to life. We worked together from my dense business plan and rudimentary functionality requirements to create a platform that has thousands of registered users and hopefully strong sustainable future growth. Throughout this project I have been working on a number of other (non-tech) projects to help fund it - Ivan was patient and understanding of my time constraints, and I even became comfortable with him making some major development decisions on my behalf. I would recommend Ivan and the team at Centaurea to anyone looking for a quality and reliable developer/development team
Oscar Rodwell, CEO, Founder at Keymarket.co.nz
Great work with our mongodb setup and tuning. Centaurea was great at asking the right questions and helping us get to a good solution with minimal time wasted. Highly recommended.
Timothy Ogilvie, Co-founder at Think Gaming LLC
Centaurea did a great work. They had to learn new fields in a short time. Showed a lot of understanding of both front and back end systems. They was available all the time and verycommunicative. I highly recommend them.
Shay Nir, Co-founder at Coinmaster
Centaurea has been a pleasure to work with. They are very technically competent and a thorough communicators. They understands the pressures and constraints of real world deadlines and a client-facing product. Their ability to determine several methods of achieving functionality and the corresponding levels of technical debt/time/energy/cost was a great value-add. Contract Centaurea with the utmost confidence and you won't be disappointed!
Simon Baumer, Founder & CIO at Maz Digital
Excellent work! Great consultation on architecture! Will use again soon.
Pavel Krapivin, Chairman & CEO at VM Capital
Centaurea delivered what I expected, tests included, with a high quality standard. Definitely a smart team, I would recommend them.
Rolf Wemmenhove, Tech Entrepreneur at EasyCompany

Show cases

  • KeyMarket

    Keymarket is the innovative marketing platform whos goals is to redefine real estate industry in favor of safe, clear and direct communication between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants and avoiding unnecessary but costly middlemen. Various Machine learning and recommendation techniques mixed with the clear and convenient design used to allow us to provide more robust result in advertising than the absolute majority of competitors.

    .NET .NET Core PostgreSQL Vue.js Google Cloud

  • Quantfolio

    Quantfolio is a cloud based platform to help investors create investment strategies for funds, equities, ETF´s and bonds, and be able to backtest strategies to evaluate effect.
    Intuitive screening and selection of financial instruments, adding and monitoring your portfolios as well as sharing or utilizing strategies from the Quantfoli.io community.

    .NET MS SQL Server Angular Matlab

  • Productivity boosted Mobile App

    Mobile app with deep artificial intelligent features to analyze user behavior and support him with deeply optimized, highly productive schedule to achieve great productivity and work-life balance.

    Java Kotlin Rx Android NDK Swift iOS SDK Realm NLP AI ML .NET CORE Mongo DB

  • AHR Pest and Desease ID

    Veg Pest ID helps farmers and agricultural professionals identify pests on Australian vegetable crops.
    Even tricky insects, diseases and disorders can be found with a few taps or keyword search.

    Swift Objective-C iOS SDK Realm Rx Fabric AWS Node.js

  • Hommits

    Hommits is the global, cross-country, next-gen marketing-social platform with the goals to bring next level of communication / transparency to real estate. Big data, Machine Learning, latest tech mixed with the clear and convenient design allow us to provide more robust result in advertising and clients communication.

    ASP.NET Core PostgreSQL Vue.js AWS ML.NET SignalR

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