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Long awaited, secret startup catalyst now revealed.

With the rise of cloud technologies in the tech world, we really get suited to everything “as a service”. Infrastructure, Platforms, Software  And this will be even more in the future even in our regular life: car as a service, complex home equipment, some rare services… Well, pretty much everything we do not need constantly. And the main reasons for that is simple: it useful, simple and provide significant economic benefits.   But I want to talk with you about applying this princ

Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce: Customization. Part3 - Reporting and dashboards

In my previous posts I’ve already mentioned differences in security model and business model configuration. When we deal with large CRM system we will face with huge amount of data. It is impossible to perform some kind of analysis without visualization and smart data grouping. So, dashboards and reports help to solve this problem. From the very beginning I want to split dashboards and reports purposes. In Dynamics CRM it is a little bit confusing. You can achieve with reports the same

Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce: Customization. Part2 - UI and business model customization

This is a series of articles about different aspects of customization of Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. In my previous post I’ve already described security model in both systems and how it can be modified for particular business purposes. Both systems are very flexible and ready to cover the different types of customization starting from adding new fields and ending with complex workflow configuration. I will try to describe the most frequently used features briefly:   Business

Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce: Customization. Part1 - Security model

You can find over the web a lot of articles or user reviews with comparing Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. But usually they do not cover (or do it a few words) the question of customizing this systems. This option is “invisible” for regular CRM users but might be extremуly meaningful when you make a decision what CRM system your are going to use. So, lets dive deep in details to see which abilities provide both systems, discover their strengths and weaknesses. I am going to include i
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