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Prototyping for a startup, prototype v.s. MVP

Everyone knows that starting a new venture it’s a very resource-demanding activity. All types of resources: time, money, attention, etc. This is especially true in the modern world with internet startups, because every tech startup is a global business in some sense, and it’s different from a local street-corner flower shop. It’s also a very risky activity with a high chance of failure. And when there is a costly operation with high associated risks, but also a high reward - then lots of people

Finetune MongoDB performance. How DB relies on indexes, memory, I/O

MongoDB designed to provide perfect read operations performance and oriented for read access as much as possible. The main source to achieve these results is indexing. So when you query any data or making any aggregation MongoDB try to utilize indexes hardly, nevermind is it simple queries or complex aggregation pipelines (that’s why proper compound indexes could massively improve aggregation queries). Let’s assume the following: We have a collection of posts with id, date, content { "

3 strategies to build an MVP and when to use them

What is the best strategy to build an MVP? I often have discussions with founders about their startup ideas and could see a large difference with their confidence level. People naturally hesitating about - is it a good idea and should they heavily invest their money and (what is far more important) their time. The common question is being asked there: what will the best strategy for them to build an MVP? Answering this question over and over again I came up with 3 strategies. But before we sta

Tech hints: Mongodb memory allocation and cache management

This article describes some details of memory allocation by MongoDB. MongoDB uses memory mapped files for file management, so in this component, it relies a lot on the OS side. But let’s look at it based on Linux OS. MongoDB maps files into memory using standard mmap call from glibc. How it works On start, MongoDB maps all its data storage files into memory. RAM is not used at all, this process only reserves the address space. This is reflected as virtual memory usage by mongod process. They
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