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Lead marketer for a startup (Ведущий маркетолог-аналитик)

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Young and rising prop-tech (real estate marketing) startup Hommits is looking for an ambitious T-shaped marketing/growth-hacking professional to help our company to revolutionize property search platforms and deliver unprecedented transparency level for the industry.

This is a full-time, on-site (in-the-office) opportunity. Please, take into account that this position doesn't have a clear activity plan. It's actually part of this work - to develop and implement this kind of plan yourself. So it requires both macro-level skills (strategy, branding, customer profiling) and micro-level skills (writing, posting, content creation, ads setup, smm, etc)

Why choose us:

  • One of a kind opportunity to fully realize your creative and professional abilities and quickly become a leader of a successful company. (you can't be Coca-Cola's marketing head in 1-2 years, with Hommits it's fully possible and in your hands)
  • Chance to work for a Belarusian startup with a global vision
  • Fair salary and great bonuses for achieving a milestones
  • Lot's of freedom for creativity (but also a lot of responsibility)
  • Potential for a quick growth
  • A professional team who values the work and results
  • Strong working ethics and culture, Meritocracy (we don't care about your race, sex, age, skin color, hair color, etc - it's all about how professional and creative you are)
  • Opportunity to work in any location we opperate: Minsk (Belarus) , Tbilisi (Georgia)

What's your main goals at this position:

  • Build and refine USP (УТП)
  • Understanding customer
  • Helping converting product to what customers need
  • Traffic and userbase growth
  • Community building
  • Brand development

Daily routines:

We discuss goals and milestones, and than you will define the best strategy to achieve it. And we will try to help and support you as hard as we can.

Position requirements:

  • You should realize how it's possible to achieve the position's goals (MUST)
  • Strong marketing skills
  • You are an ambitious, hardworking person with a high level of professional commitment
  • Strategy development

Nice to have:

  • Startup experience
  • Good English (для первого этапа, пожалуй, можно и без сильного английского)
  • Creativity
  • Copywriting
  • Creating
  • SMM-Management
  • Community building
  • Brand-development
  • Channel understanding and experience
  • Internet Ad's management
  • SEO
  • User psychology

We can't wait to hear from you and having a chance to work with such a great person you are.

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Want to apply?

Send your CV to hr@centaurea.io

Or apply to this position and let’s create the most exciting adventure of your career together!