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Senior Frontend engineer with fluent TypeScript and React

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Hi there. Centaurea is looking for one more diamond to shine in our team. This time - Mid+/Senior/Lead frontend engineer to work in international team of engineers delivering marketing and back-office solutions for a leading poker and casino iGaming company expanding their business to worldwide. 

We are a growing, fast-paced, quality-centric company, who combines product and service models into a unique business proposal for clients.

Why working with us:

  1. Building an excellent team is the #1 priority for us. We constantly learning, trying new approaches, and having fun in a family-like atmosphere.
  2. Fair compensation and overall very transparent and honest relationship model.
  3. Several world-class engineers as colleagues to work with and discuss your awesome ideas.
  4. Interesting, challenging green-field projects with top-notch technologies and high experience density.
  5. Even with the fact that we working in a startup environment we still value and invest in quality.
  6. You will get real support from core team members, and enough space for experimenting and making your own mistakes.
  7. We don’t work purely for the money. Our goal is to make the world a little bit better place to live by constantly doing a small but right thing (which is kind of hard btw)
  8. We appreciate the bottom-to-the-top approach, and this is the best place in Minsk to make your voice sound.

Formal requirements 🚩:

  1. Really strong knowledge and experience in TypeScript and React. This should be your bread and butter, not something you tried once.
  2. Speaking English at least on B1 (Intermediate) and you don't afraid to communicate in English.
  3. 5+ years of real-life, production, commercial software engineering experience.
  4. Experience of work in agile team.

Whom we are looking for (it’s fine if you do not satisfy all points, but should have more than a half):

  1. You still like programming, having fun writing code, solving problems, and making less senior folks growing.
  2. Experience with reactive and observable patterns.
  3. Experience with Tailwind CSS
  4. Experience with Next.js or with Vue + Nuxt.js
  5. Good understanding of backend code and experience in creating/consuming API
  6. You are an open-minded person who will be able to share our culture
  7. You could value the group and a team and get pleasure in giving, not only care about your own interests.

Some of our perks 🌶️️:

  1. Comfortable office near the city center in walking distance from the subway. Remote working days.
  2. Official employment and white salary
  3. Flexible working schedule
  4. In-house educational and social events
  5. Competitive wage and bonus program
  6. Endless opportunities to grow for yourself and help to your peers. 

📍 Work locations: Minsk (Belarus), Tbilisi (Georgia) [It's in-office position, there is NO remote work]

Salary range: 1750 - 4000 USD

Interested? Send your CV and let’s see - maybe this will follow the most exciting adventure of your career.

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Want to apply?

Send your CV to hr@centaurea.io

Or apply to this position and let’s create the most exciting adventure of your career together!